Who is Santha Design Inc.?

Learning Process

Curt Santha is the Owner and Operator of Santha Design Inc. He has been in the residential home design and drafting world full time since 2001. Born and raised in Regina Saskatchewan, Curt graduated from the Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology ( SIAST ) in 2001. During the three year Architectural Technology program at SIAST, Curt was able to explore every angle of the construction industry by working for an Architect, and Engineer as well as a Home Builder. His time spent at the Home Builder was where Curt found his 'niche'. The smaller scope in comparison to a commercial project, combined with a more personal experience is what really drew him in.

After graduating in 2001, New Castle Homes gave Curt the opportunity to learn firsthand about how smart design and the quality of a set of blue prints can result in a beautiful finished product. Not only where the houses and renovations breathtaking but they were all carefully kept within the allotted budget.

The Production World

In 2002, Curt was presented with an opportunity to get involved with a production builder who desperately needed a helpful hand in the drafting department. Although this opportunity meant taking a step back from design, Curt took a production drafting role at Morrison Homes where he excelled as a team player and quality employee. Here, Curt learned how to manage his time efficiently and take on the responsibility of being involved with multiple projects at any given time; all the while maintaining a high level of quality in the drawings he was producing. Curt arrived at Morrison Homes when they had just won the coveted Builder of the Year in Calgary the year before. Since then, Morrison Homes has taken that title for 10 consecutive years. Although grateful for being part of a great team and a knowledgeable builder that raised the bar across the industry in regards to quality of construction; Curt felt he needed to get back into the home design field and was looking for something that would allow him to do this.

Return to Design

Through a network of friends and co-workers, Curt met a gentleman who had started his own design and drafting company years before. This company was owned and operated by this one person who had built the firm up to have a large customer base. He was looking to hire someone with good drafting knowledge, eagerness to learn more specific design practices and a strong work ethic. In 2006, Curt resigned from Morrison Homes and began working for Design House of Calgary. It was here where Curt really felt comfortable and at "home" in the designer role. The projects weren't limited to just production housing and varied from luxury homes, large custom acreage properties, inner city in-fills, renovations and a multitude of unique projects. Project diversity was key at Design House of Calgary and they never knew what type of project they would be working on next. Curt helped build Design House of Calgary to an even larger design firm than when he started; now with multiple employees and a reputation for being hard working and able to provide quality designs and construction drawings.

On to the Now

After working with Design House of Calgary for six years, Curt had to take a leap of faith and resigned from Design House of Calgary to start his own design and drafting company. In 2012, Curt Santha opened the doors to Santha Design Inc.. With a renewed energy and focus based on life balance and time management; Curt is looking to bring forward the strong work ethic from his Saskatchewan roots, be able to create custom & unique home designs all the while having the ability multi-task efficiently, communicate effectively and continue to produce quality sets of construction drawings within a realistic time frame. I look forward to working with you.